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How to Compare Men's Gold Necklaces

For centuries, gold has been a symbol of luxury. The precious metal has been used to make gold jewelry of all kinds for both men and women. Men's jewelry selections in shiny, lustrous gold are great additions to any wardrobe or outfit. Enjoy this precious metal by choosing men's gold necklaces. Men's necklaces made of gold or accented with gold detailing are luxurious, versatile and sexy. Jewelers love working with gold when creating men's jewelry because it has a range of vibrant hues, and it is soft enough to mold into any jewelry design. Gold jewelry selections, such as gold necklaces and gold chains, are investment pieces, meant to last a lifetime in many cases. Choose your gold necklace carefully by learning about the characteristics of gold and considering your personal jewelry taste.

Comparing Men's Gold Necklaces:
Consider length. Men's gold necklaces come in many lengths to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Long gold chains are good choices for men who want to wear a large diamond pendant or who want their gold jewelry to stand out. Shorter men's necklaces offer a subtler touch of gold and elegance and are well-suited for daily wear. Consider using a measuring tape to visualize or measure for your ideal necklace length.

Compare gold content. While 100 percent gold is desired by many, it is quite soft and expensive. Gold is often alloyed with another metal to increase its durability and affordability. The gold content will be noted on the jewelry: 24-karat gold, often denoted as "24k gold" is pure gold; 18k gold is 75 percent pure gold; 14k gold is 58.3 percent pure gold; and 10k gold is 42 percent pure gold. You will likely not find a 24k gold necklace, although 24k goldplated jewelry is available and has a beautiful shine and luster. Typically, the gold content of the necklace will be a major factor in the price.

Choose a color. Gold is available in yellow, white, rose and specialty colors like chocolate brown. Yellow gold is a popular choice for many men because it has a traditional, luxurious appearance. White gold tends to be the most neutral gold jewelry choice because it is subtle and can be worn with a variety of shades. Rose gold is a great choice for men who want a gold necklace with a lot of color.

Select a style. Men's gold necklaces are available in many styles. Gold chains can be thick and detailed or thin and delicate. Gold chains are woven into a wide variety of textures, so compare chain types when shopping. Men's gold necklace pendants are available in a wide range of styles. Choose a gold cross to keep your religion close to your heart or select gold dog-tag pendants for a hip, masculine vibe.

Check the clasp. When you are choosing a men's necklace, make sure that the jewelry clasp is sturdy and easy to use. Hook-and-loop closures are great for men with large hands, and lobster clasps are wonderful for supporting heavy necklaces. 

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