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About the Warning of the Browser

Dear All,
Recently, the SSL certificate of the our website server has expired. So it always shows the the security issue when you open our site to place the order.
But please don't worry. There is no security issue. You can place the order as usual and pay by Paypal.
The money which paid by Paypal is safe.
We are going to move the website to another server and renew the SSL certificate next week. Because this old server is not good. Now we have bought the new website sever. But there are too many files of our website. We need some days to download the whole website and move it to the new sever. Hope you can understand.
But moving the website server will not affect our daily work. We are working every day as usual. Please don't worry.
We will move the website to new sever and let the security reminder of SSL certificate disappear asap.
If you found any other problems of our website, please feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to do more business with you.
and Good luck with your life and business!


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